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pop'n stage was created with the same goal as it's upright counterpart, a game for couples to play together on dates that had features meant to cater to all players. Cute characters, bright colors, a wide variety of music, all wrapped in a gigantic black, white, and yellow arcade machine and set loose on the unsuspecting public of Japan. It's estimated than less than 50 cabinets were ever manufactured for this title, and only 2 are accounted for in North America.

A common misconception about this game is that it's played like Andamiro's "Pump It Up!" dance game franchise. In actuality, it has 3 different modes of control depending on which version you're playing and how many players. Single player mode uses a 6-panel, "half-double" layout made up of both red panels. and the center yellow, blue, green and grey panels. 2 player mode has both players manning 5 panels on either side of the pad. And in pop'n stage EX, Maniac 10panel mode has one player using all 10 panels. Gameplay is much like Konami's DDR, arrows scroll to the top of the screen and you must hit the floor panel in time with music. The only major difference is that each arrow represents a note in the song, and missteps or off timing effect how the song sounds.

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