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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 08, 1991

    Eight national teams compete in the violent future sport of Powerball, which combines elements of American football, soccer and rugby.

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    Powerball (JP: Wrestleball) is a sports game that features the fictional sport of Powerball, a more violent and chaotic version of regular sports like football and soccer. The action is depicted from a top-down perspective, similar to other future combat sports games like Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball and Speedball. It was developed exclusively for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive system by Namco, and would later be released on the Wii Shop Virtual Console. It can also be found in the Namco Anthology Vol. 1 compilation, which focused on games Namco developed for consoles.

    The goal is to get the ball to the opponent's side of the field by any means possible, with the offense using a combination of kicks and passes to move the ball forward while the defense tries to take down with vicious tackles and wrestling moves.


    • Japan Samurai (Captain: Killer Kenji)
    • Korea Warriors (Captain: P. Park)
    • Brazil Amazons (Captain: Vic Vicious)
    • Greece Spartans (Captain: Jack O. Nasty)
    • USSR Cossacks (Captain: Gore B. Chov)
    • USA Rough Riders (Captain: Mick Titan)
    • UK Pirates (Captain: Brute Buster)
    • China Emperors (Captain: Bruise Lee)


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