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Professor Brainmaniac is a collection of logic-based games. The six games included are used to test your logic skills.


Switch and Swap

This game is about matching three blocks by sliding one of them on a square board. The line of matched blocks disappears, giving you points. New blocks appear on the board, and play continues.


Consisting of a 9x9 grid divided by 3x3 boxes, the goal of Sudoku is to fill each vertical column, horizontal row, and 3x3 box with digits 1 through 9 only once. Each Sudoku puzzle has only one true solution.


A logic puzzle based on math. It is played in a grid with both horizontal and vertical numerical clues. The goal is to fill each line with unique numbers that add up to the value of their respective clue. Clues consist of either a single number or two numbers divided by a slash. The top number is the horizontal clue and the bottom number is the vertical clue. Like Sudoku, each digit may only be used once in any given line.


Each player receives a supply of black or white stones, with which the game is played. With the stylus, place a stone on lie intersections called points. Players alternate turns, each placing a stone on an empty point. The goal is to capture territory by surrounding the opponents stones. Whoever owns the most territory wins the game.


This game is known by most anyone. Basically all it consists of (in this game) is tapping on matching tiles. After you find a match, those tiles are removed from the playfield, allowing you to choose other tiles.

Mind Jam

In this game you are supposed to crack to code given to you by the game. The code consists of a combination of colored stones. The colors used are:  red, yellow, green, blue, white, and black. Any color can be used any number of times in the code. There are not any blank or empty spaces in the code. All of the slots in the code contain a secret stone color. The codes are different lengths, depending on the difficulty you choose.


There are multiplayer modes for Go, Mahjong, and Mind Jam. They are played the same, just with the other player playing the role the CPU did in single player.

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