Is Miracle Mask Fun?

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Is this game fun? Is it worth buying?

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@insouciant: Do you like puzzles and/or Professor Layton games?

Then sure.

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It's not very different from the other Layton games, but they did a really great job bringing the game to the 3DS. They re-did all the characters and everyone is now a 3D model, and the animations and expressions on the characters are all really great. The puzzles are good and there's a daily puzzle DLC thing that gives you a new puzzle every day. They build up and the first time you connect, you get every daily puzzle released so far, so you don't miss out on the early ones.

If you've never played Layton, it's a puzzle game with story in-between. The game always tells you where to go next and who to talk to or what to do to progress the story, but you're usually free to wander and talk to people and find hidden puzzles to do.

edit: I should also mention that this is my most played 3DS game, about double the hours of my #2 game according to my 3DS play stats. I finished every puzzle and I will be loading up the daily puzzle DLC about once a week to get and do the new puzzles. I like the game a lot.

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My fiance who has played every prof layton game in the series has enjoyed it so far. She really enjoys the searching mechanic, and the puzzles are always great. She's serious about the story line (she even went so far as to watch the animated film of prof layton) and likes it so far. Essentially if you're a fan of the series or puzzle games in general you'll enjoy it.

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