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a fun old school platformer 0

There is a simplicity to Giana Sisters that fits the DS perfectly. Old school, retro, 8-bit fun is here aplenty, and if you're into that sort of stuff, you might want to check this game out, even without its added (meaningless to some) pedigree of being a sequel to one of the most blatant (and successful) rip-offs in gaming history.I remember the original C64 game with its rocking soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck fondly, but it was never exacly a Mario-killer. What it did have, though, was a lengthy...

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The Best Game in an Excellent Series 0

Tekken 3 holds water as one of the greatest fighting games of all time, whether in the Arcade or in the excellent PS1 port that I'm reviewing right now, standing as the culmination of the late-90's generation of 3d fighting games.We remember the game fom its solid single-player modes, its large cast of characters (including two absolutely crazy comedic entries), its good soundtrack, its well thought-out character-specific endings, its nice semblance of a story (compelling enough for a fighting g...

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A Fun Platformer 1

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers is a fun game to review, because it's a fun game to pick up and play... It's also one of the shortest games I've ever played, clocking at around 2-3 hours. The game itself is easy as hell (what a stupid expression, btw), aside from a few challenging sequences that require a bit of timing. The bosses are laughable. Bottom line, this is a kids' game, although anybody with a bit of spare time can come and enjoy these annoying little rodents' adventures for as long as it ...

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Good RPG with Great Battle Mechanics 1

Good RPGs rarely get the attention they deserve because they get trampled under the feet of the truly great. This is a shame, for while the Final Fantasy series, for example, could get away with revamping its old formula over and over again, it was games like Grandia - third party marvels, joker cards, if you will - that really innovated, however cautiously, with novel game mechanics and thus helped make role playing games more fun in the long term. Today, remember, most gamers are bored of turn...

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Possibly the greatest RPG of all time 0

I consider myself an experienced RPG gamer, having traversed the fields and caverns of Final Fantasy V-XII as well as dozens of other J-RPG's, most notably the Chrono series and that recent masterpiece, Dragon Quest VIII.Above all else towers the original Xeno game for the PlayStation. Conceived as only a part of an ongoing saga (hence Xeno-saga on the PS2), Xenogears is a unique game that knows no equal. In fact, its later installments, the three episodes on the PlayStation 2, while undoubtedly...

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Going Commando 0

I never played this game when it originally came out, but even today this game strikes one as near-genius.The only thing most people remember or know about the NES version of Bionic Commando is the hook by which you swing around all the while shooting at your enemies in this vertically (and horizontally) scrolling action platformer. But there are other "hooks" in the game, both for casual and hardcore gamers - enough, in fact, to make this a worthy revisit even despite of its age. Talking of har...

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