A Wonderful TV Series and a few updates

 In this game you have to do all three of these things.
 In this game you have to do all three of these things.
Very recently since I started college I have got back into watching the game show and kinda drama Survivor. This show has stayed constantly good over the seasons even as I go back and watch the older season and compare them to the new seasons. I competed for the first season a few weeks ago and am I am currently watching the second season, Survivor: Australia. This show gets to you at times because it is so good. At times I wonder what I would do out there in those situations the show puts them through. I wrote this just as a short rant to talk about what I've been doing recently and to share my love of Survivor. It's a great show and if you have not considered watching it yet, I recommended you give it a look if you the chance. You can find the lots of the older season on YouTube.  
On a gaming related note, I have been playing lots of Pokemon: White Version. I was a little afraid to go into a Pokemon game for the first time in years and not recognize any Pokemon in the game. After over coming this and getting to know the new Pokemon this game was great and in my opinion is the best in the series in the longest time. The updates the game includes and how streamlined it appears is great. Also, on the gaming side I bought Spore for the PC. Now, I was excited to play this game when in it came out in 2008, because it looked exciting and it appeared there was a lot to do. However, it is now 2011 and it appears I did not miss much. The game goes quikcly, yes I know I have multiple planets, but it just doesn't hold your attention very well. I was quite disappointed with it. Lastly, I have been playing lots of Civilization V when I have the chance. That game never gets old and I enjoy every hour I play that game.   
So to end a few quick scores for those games: 
Pokemon: White Version - 5/5 
Spore - 3/5 
Civilization V - 5/5
Alright, thanks for reading.