So Far so Good

Hello all,
Its me Vince or Abbott9705 to all of u PS3 owners on Gamespot and the few friends I have collected here. For those of you who dont know i have recently purchased a PS3 and have collected a few games over the last few weeks. I currently only have 4 game but i love all of them the same. In case you are curious and wondering what games those are, they are NCCA 09 Football, Haze(Really fun), Battlefield: Bad Company( fun and quite commical), and NFS Pro Street. The one game i was holding out for till I got a nex gen system i cant afford and now im just hoping i get enough money to buy Rock Band 2(bundle) and Guitar Hero world tour(just the game).

 Im quite excited for next week to come because the new season of Prison Break is going to start on the First of September and a couple days later Bones will be showing a new season as well. Then two weeks after that House will be showing there new season, all these shows are on Fox. Im still wating to get Showtime so I can watch Dexter which is really good from what i hear. Im also looking to get a job some time this month because i need money and a car. Mostly i need the money so i can get Rock Band 2 and GH4, and the DLC that comes with them.