Awesome LoL blog

Hey guys,

It's the AbyssKnight47 over here,

In my future post, which will come one per week, (for now), I will put some of my favorite moments in League of Legends. But for this week, I'll start off with a list of my favorite champions.

For all the newbies, add me up, and I'll train you, for all the veterans, challenge me on a one v. one and you won't regret the experience of playing against me, (I'm not HotshotGG or Elementz, but still it'll be fun for both of us, I'm sure..)

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Blitzcrank as my bottom lane support,

Draven as my attack damage carrier,

Ahri as my middle lane, range ability power,

Maokai as my jungler,

Morderkaiser as my top lane solo