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A Nostalgia-Fest. 1

In this age of video games where shiny graphics, motion controls, and robust online features reign supreme there's one game that doesn't feature any of that. That game is Protect Me Knight from Xbox Live Indie Games. The game is a 2D action game where you are tasked to protect a princess from evil forces like goblins, minotaurs, and succubus. It plays similarly to a tower defense game except the tower, being the princess, can be moved. If the princess receives too much damage, she lets out a scr...

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Best Fighting Game I've Ever Played 2

As a newcomer to the 2D fighting game scene, I've spent about a month losing and getting my ass-kicked by online friends who are clearly superior to me. I've lost in many frustratingly close matches as well as in absolute blowouts where I stood no friggin' chance. Despite all that, this is quite possibly the most fun I've had on a 2D fighting game since Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  I'm writing this review as someone who has never played a Street Fighter game since SFII:SC Edition, and that is pret...

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