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Adz's Blog - Still Here Edition

Just thought I'd give all my followers a brief update. I don't have much to say (hence why I haven't bothered posting this in the forums), but I thought it'd be better than nothing for a few months.

I'm about 20 hours into Wild Arms 3 now. From what I can tell, there's still quite a bit to go. During Euro 2012, I didn't really play it that much, but I've made a bit more time for it lately. I only play it for around an hour at a time, though. Whilst I enjoy it, it's the not kind of game I can play for a while (I'll explain why in a bit). With this in mind, I have no idea when I'll complete it. My next true blog might still be a while off. That said, if I can think of a game to start that wouldn't interrupt with Wild Arms too much, I might post a blog or two about it.

Despite me neglecting it so much, I'm really enjoying Wild Arms 3. The story has really gone into a direction I didn't expect it to. Not entirely original, but certainly unexpected. I've also got a lot more of the tools I mentioned in a previous entry, which makes dungeon crawling pretty cool. The exploration can get a bit tiring, though. It's not on the same level as my problems with Final Fantasy V, as you can at least get some hints on where to go next, but it can still be pretty laborious at times. The random battles don't help. While there's a way to avoid battles to a degree, it becomes frustrating when that isn't an option to you. That's pretty much the reason why I only play it for an hour each time. I have played it for longer stints, but very rarely. Other than that, I'm more than happy to carry on playing it.

That's all for now. I'd like to start blogging properly again. I enjoyed typing my previous blog entries. If I can think of something to talk about regularly, I'll certainly give it another try. Fingers crossed, that'll be sooner rather than later.