Best of 2010

My Top Ten games of the year 2010

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  • StarCraft was one of those games I grew up playing. So I knew SC2 was gonna be a game i would enjoy playing even if I sucked at the multiplayer. Next thing I know I'm watch replays and memorizing build orders. All while climbing the ladder. I suddenly found one of my favorite multiplayer games and my Game of the Year.

  • The Assassin's Creed franchise is one of my favorites of this generation. I'm one of those that enjoyed the first one a lot. But this one perfects the formula into a nearly perfect game. Between an amazing single player and a refreshing multiplayer component,this was a great game.

  • I always enjoyed fighting games. That doesn't mean I was great at them. I was awful at Street Fighter 4. But with Super I upped my game and found my new favorite fighter (Juri).

  • I got into the Persona series through the Endurance Run and my own playthrough of 4. But I was always curious about the third one, but I didn't look forward to going backwards in game mechanics and losing that control over my allies. Luckly Persona 3 Portable came along. With a much darker plot and great characters this is a must have for Persona fans.

  • Treyarch has improved the the Call of Duty formula even more so. With great guns, fun maps, some more Zombies, and changes to the formula this is the best Call of Duty yet.

  • The God of War games have always been interesting to me. Between their bloody, fun combat and their interesting setting. The first 2 hours of this game are what really did it for me.

  • I enjoyed playing this game because of how different it was from the CoD formula. The destructible maps along with the great objective based modes make this a great multiplayer FPS.

  • Fallout 3 was a great game. So having more of that is always a good thing. Despite the bugs this still proves to be a fun experience worth checking out.

  • Take a scoop of Need for Speed and throw in a sprinkle of Mario Kart and you have what turns out to be a great recipe. Only bad thing about this game is that not enough people bought it. Whats wrong with you people?

  • The music genre has been over saturated for a while now. But between the great gameplay and some great tracks DJ Hero brought enough to the table to get me to jump back into the genre.