Luigi8922 vs Pediatric sickness! How you can help!

Hey people!
This Week i'm participating in Sarcastic Gamer's Extra Life event. This means that I'll be playing video games for 24-hours straight on October 16th to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network, and I need your help.
Please visit :
Consider donating, por favor. It's for a good cuase and also, all donations are tax deductible.
Also Please visit
On the 16 this justin tv channel will be host to the 24-game-a-thon. Come, watch the wit and soul of a man deteriorate for the sake of charity. 
Lastly, I am think of doing some sort of crazy dedication for the Giant Bomb community. I am considering buying Deadly Premonition or Persona 4 and playing a couple of hours of one of the other. Any suggestions for this are welcome. What do you guys think?