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Taking a blender to the last two decades of Metroid 0

(spoiler free) Over 15 years ago, Super Metroid released on the Super Nintendo to critical acclaim. This sequel to its NES and GB predecessors was beautiful, and its 2D action played perfectly down to the pixel. Its hard to believe that it was only seven years later that Retro Studios created the next console Metroid, the exquisite Metroid Prime. Like its predecessor, Prime was beautiful, but it took the franchise into 3D, putting players behind the visor of gamings greatest heroine. In doing so...

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A Diamond in the Rough 0

And here I thought I would never get into the modern racer. Attempts to get into the genre with Forza and Gran Turismo have left me non-plussed, but I think I have finally found my gateway into the genre with this rally racer by the name of DIRT.  I went without serious racers for a long time. F-Zero GX was (and may always be) my favorite, and I had never bothered to try anything in the Colin McRae series, not expecting it to play so differently from the many street racers that have hit consoles...

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