The shittiest games i ever bought

 I dunno if you have this in europe/america but here there are tons of music Cassette/CD shops that sell the shittiest 90s games ever made, for about 20 shekels which is 5 USD ... ive bought many of these when i was a kid because i didnt know any better, and the gaming education where i come from used to be pretty basic and still is. 
I was going through my big CD bag and stumbled upon those old games, along with Fifa World Cup 98 and Midtown Madness which i ofcourse consider the greatest games i playes as a kid. So here's a list of the crappiest games i ever bought from those fucked up shops, thinking they are masterpiece games...  
Games-- no, SHADOWS of games that just suck from every aspect possible and make you wanna kill an old man crossing the street:

Somebody's gonna say "Hidden & Dangerous ? are you crazy?"  well as a kid i didnt know what the fuck was going on in that game, and it is pretty old and crappy, so it left a bad impression on me