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Best of 2010

Ahmad_Metallic: Best of 2010

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  • There's nothing to be said. perfect game. enjoyed it a bit too much!

  • This game gave a new meaning to the words 'fun' and 'action' .. fucking perfect

  • I kinda rushed through this one because i beat it right after the first Mass Effect during Nov/Dec 2010. Either way, i dont think it was as good as the first game, still its quite the epic sci-fi masterpiece.

  • (PC). not as atmospheric and compelling as the first, yet a better longer more polished game with a great variety of missions.

  • Previous SC games were too hard for me to enjoy, but this accessible installment made me ease my way into this stealth action franchise, and allowed me to go back to Chaos Theory and kick ass at it ! great game

  • Though it had lag issues for me all the time that didnt allow me to play my best (i got bitchslapped alot), i still think its a GREAT multiplayer shooter.. Dice know how to make it interesting.

  • Being linear made it disappointing, not bad. great story and great atmosphere !

  • Very difficult. made me shout out curse words alot! still a great game with tight controls and THE BEST SOUNDTRACK of the year !

  • I cant stand the CoD multiplayer. Battlefield always filled that spot for me. However, the CoD singleplayer is always pefectly engaging and adrenaline-inducing! very good action sequences and cinematics

  • fun sidescroller with a grim atmosphere and good piano music