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GOTY 2011

GOTY 2011

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  • Such a moving and heart breaking story told in the most brilliant of ways in a game that's supposed to be about physics puzzles.. And ofcourse, hilarious yet compelling voice acting. Absolute masterpiece of a GOTY.

  • The ultimate competitive team-based multiplayer experience. The classes, the maps, all the vehicles, the glorious Conquest mode, in addition to a lot of new toys, guns and accessories make for a multiplayer behemoth.

  • The definition of a lengthy content-soaked role playing open world game. Very amazing, I applaud Bethesda's efforts and high attention to progression detail. Best Original Score too, and by a mile.

  • Not as grim, atmospheric and raw-feeling as the first game. The world is too realized and colorful and vibrant, it feels like it's set in another universe. However, it remains true to the source material and gameplay. Over-all this is a tremendous and VERY good looking PC RPG.

  • how can a game be so polished? so entertaining? engaging? good looking? good sounding? perfection in game design.

  • Gorgeous game, great fun, challenging combat and immersing platforming

  • Downloadable title of the year. Cutting edge graphics, smoother gameplay, more diverse and rewarding combat, and the thing that surprised me the most was the highly interactive environment, especially the vegetation.

  • Full blown First Person Shooter joy

  • As atmospheric as the first game. Terrific Batman-y musical score, extreme polish, voice acting is great and the world (of Arkham City) feels very real and very dangerous. I love how they built on the combat system of Arkham Asylum.