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Great Online Fun 0

 I think there needs to be a little background before we get to the main review. First off, this is a review for the PC version of BC2 and there are a few things to note… One, I did not play BC1 since I do not own a console and only game on my PC. Two, I did not buy MW2 since it is a disgrace to what a PC game should be by a company that started off and was financed by PC gamers. And Three, I am a veteran of the BF series since back in the good ol’ PC only days of 1942, Vietnam, and BF2.  Now I ...

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Great Overall Experience 0

This review is based on the PC version of the game. I consider my PC to be mid-range and I esentially maxed out all of the game's setting in both dx10 and dx9 with a few exceptions (well optomized). If you want the best performance for your rig please download the latest hotfixes from both the Nvidia and Ati websites specifically made to increase performance for this game. Here's the general specs of my review machine (for full specs, visit my page):Opteron 175 @ 2.5ghz (939 socket)Ati 2900xt @ ...

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