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Are big boobs are going out of style?

 I'd say yes, and I think it's been slowly headed in that direction since the year 2000. There's still a lot of people who's motto is 'the bigger the better', but I think people are really starting to wake up to the hazards of huge mammarys. You know how old people need glasses to read? That's because years and years of gravity pulling on an eyeball will actually cause it to deform to the point that it effects your vision. An eyeball is small and weighs almost nothing, so just imagine the havoc that can and will befall the big boob community. And don't bring up bras to me because that's like putting a band-aid on a severed limb. I could give a shit how good titties look in a bra, I can't suck on them in a bra!

Most of the the girls I've dated said that they wanted bigger boobs. And I explained that the reason I started talking to them, instead of somebody with big cans, is that I think that they're totally hot the way they are, and I wouldn't want anything changed. But they never listen, even tho study after study shows that guys are more attracted to asses than breasts. I have heard that strippers make more money when they get breast implants, but what kinds of guys are they attracting? Apparently, ones that can't wrap their mind around the fact that gravity is turning those melons they love so much, into pancakes. I know I don't speak for everybody, but going out with a girl with a huge rack would give me nightmares of the hell to come. What about you guys?