Where does the time go?

Man, it's been a crazy couple of weeks for me!  I've been really busy hanging out with a lot of people.  I have been able to sneak in some time with my video games playing God of War 3,  Mega Man 10, and of course some Rock Band 2.  Just in case I anted to have fun playing GoW3 I've decided to try to beat it on it's hardest difficulty Chaos Mode.  Oh the pain I will experience will be (and already has been) great.  As I said I finally got to sit down with Mega Man 10 and got to beat all the robot masters except for one (Blade Man).  I've got my copy of Heavy Rain back so I'll see if I cant get a few more endings and trophies.  With Metal Gear: Peace Walker about a month away I've been looking up all the promotional videos and sites and I can't wait!  I may be even able to get the Metal Gear: Peace Walker PSP bundle.