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In terms of visuals and gameplay, Crysis is king. 3

 Before I decided to move on, I made one last inspection at the blitz I had just unleashed. An assortment of torn bodies rest around a blazing oil barrel. A man lay sprawled, lifeless against a cold, gray rock. A humvee lay cindering, its passengers as dead as the dirt they lay motionless in. I gaze at my ammo count and couldn’t help but flash a smile. All of this violence was discharged with just four bullets, a single grenade, and just a little help from my military nano suit. As I began to wa...

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Though Flawed, it is One of the Best Star Wars Game's 0

I remember playing this game when I was a kid and being really disappointed because all you could do was race and you couldn’t walk around Tatooine. … That’s all I really remember about the game when I was a kid and when I played it for the N64. But, since my N64 is currently in the possession of my dad who lives in Florida, I recently went out and bought the PC version of this game and decided to give it another go, just in time for Retro Revival Week. So what do I think about this game in the...

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For Those of You Who Like a Damn Good Review, Read On My Friends 0

This game is not worth playing. I thought the first Empire Earth was amazing (sort of like Age of Empires II in 3D) so I thought Empire Earth II would of been great. Looks like I was disappointed. Here's my rating, in classic Good, Bad, and Ugly format: GOOD -Good graphics -New way to upgrade your civilizations -More soldier types -New formation system -Cool new Battle Plan system where you can send your allies a battle plan to aid in strategic attacks against the enemy. BAD -Graphics, though ...

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