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ALLTheDinos' Review of Immortality (Full Spoilers) 1

I have ART THOUGHTS and NO TRAINING ON HOW TO EXPRESS THEMAuthor’s Note: Because of the uniqueness (and mechanical lightness) of Immortality’s gameplay, I’m scoring it into two separate sections: the “actual play” aspects of Immortality, and its narrative. For the former category, the scoring range is 1-3 stars (where 3 indicates consistently fun and engaging interactivity). For the narrative, the range is 0-2 stars (essentially, whether it landed for me and/or whet...

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ALLTheDinos' Review of Resident Evil Village 0

I didn't take any screenshots because I had no idea I wanted to write a review until finishing the game, so enjoy this gallery of pics already on the site!The first time I played a Resident Evil game was likely 1998. After hoarding Official Playstation Magazine copies given to me by a friend (because someone gifted his family one despite them not owning a PS1), I spotted a walkthrough of Resident Evil 2. All the screenshots and maps, as well as bizarre tips like “check the mayor’s sk...

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