Your hate for a character, enemy or NPC

So i finally got around to finishing mass effect on INSANITY. 
Besides the awesome S rank on Giantbomb all i can can say is FUCK YOU HUSKS  AND SCION BITCHES!!!!!
I haven't had such huge hate towards a characters since Tekken5's final BOSS(I punted my PS2 cause of that boss). 
Now my question is has there ever been a character, enemy, or npc that you just hated for a certain reason?


mass effect2 on insanity

Anyone out there beat mass effect on insanity? Cause God dammit its been 3 fucken hrs that i've been stuck on horizon!!!
Im playing as vanguard , was that class a bad choice? if so i dont mind restarting over if its easier with a different class. 
Oh and if i import my level30 from my first playthrough can i still get the achivement? I remember that in the first it wasn't allowed, you had to start from scratch. 
Any help is appreciated if not i'm going to quit i don't want to build up any hatred against this awesome game!!


iphone with T-mobile

How many of you have an iphone?  How many of you use t-mobile as your cellphone provider?
So i went with a friend to a tmobile store so he could cancel his phone account, because my friend was switching to AT&T to get an Iphone. The guy at T-mobile told us that he would jailbreak the Iphone and use T-mobile network instead of AT&T.  I was told it would save me $60 a month!
Now... Have any of you done this?? is it worth it is it reliable??


Brutal legend 4 borderlands

I want to hear your guys opinion.    
I bought brutal legend(360) and uncharted(ps3 obviously) on day one, even though im still rocking uncharted i havent opened brutal legend (still in the wraper) all week and even weekend.  All this talk about brutal legend being a RTS made me not want to play it!  i got nothing against RTS there just not my cup of coffee. 
So my question is should i hold out and return brutal legend for borderlands or should i stop being a idiot open it up and hopefully enjoy it! 


need to buy a new 360 headset

Im new to the giantbomb!  i joined because the community looks awesome and the giantbomb crew cracks me up! 
Can someone help me!? my 360 wireless headset broke and now i have a excuse to buy a new one. So what is the best 360 wireless headset that i can buy that blocks out background noise!