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This is Why There is a Half-Star 0


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Twenty Years Later, It Was Over 0

I wish I could say I've been on Metal Gear since day 1, but I would've been around 3 when the first game came out on a system America had never heard of, so no, I'm not. I can say that I played the demo for Metal Gear Solid enough times that I'd memorized the lay-out of Shadow Moses' exterior and could probably replicate it to a sketch artist, so when that first game was finally released, I ravenously consumed it. Then came #2 and the flood of controversy over the fact that you weren't Solid Sna...

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The House That Charm Built 0

There are some games that want to set the world on fire. They have revolutionary graphics, controversial content, unheard of gameplay, dynamic, immersive sound, and sweeping, epic plots. And then there's this game. Average graphics for the time, nothing new in the sound department, a battle-system used for years and years in other games, and little to no character development. It's not a mistake that I awarded this game five stars, because it taps into something used less and less as time goes o...

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