Battlefield 3

Faced by the launch of yet another Call of Duty game and having bought the last three, I decided I wouldn't be purchasing MW3, at least not at full price. While on Black Friday shopping I took home a copy of Battlefield 3 at half price and popped it in. I got through the campaign on hard in a couple of days and enjoyed it as I would any FPS campaign; then I switched to multiplayer. Now I know I'm late to the party, but I do not understand it at all. Maybe being into games where you have to learn to play on the internet like starcraft and minecraft before actually playing has gotten the best of me; but I had to spend several hours on youtube trying to grasp the basic mechanics of BF3 multiplayer. I get killed a lot, and I can rarely ever see any enemies. The manual is like "well these are the controls... GO!" So yeah, I'm quite lost. But I'm slowly getting a hang of it, and surprised there's more to the FPS genre than gut reaction CoD deathmatches.

I'm playing Saint's Row The Third next.