Wishlist: 2012 And Onward

I'm not really looking forward to much next year. As the generation ends, it seems like less and less is coming out that's worth getting excited about. Here's pretty much all I'm looking forward to over the next year. Maybe more.

List items

  • The eternal champion of wishlists returns, simply because Square is too lazy to finish it. Some day...

  • Naughty Dog making a new IP? Okay, this is worth getting excited about, especially since there are no annoying cartoon mascots in sight. Pretty much the only developer out there that could get me excited about a post-apocalypse game nowadays.

  • It's a Yakuza game. I really don't think I need to explain any more than that.

  • Ah, Xenoblade. Pretty much the last game I'll ever play on the Wii, if Nintendo's statements as of late are any indication. Hopefully it's a good one; everyone I've spoken to says it is.

  • Whether this game launches on the PSP, PS3 or Vita we don't know yet; all we know is that Square IS localizing it. And I'll be there to play it when it hits, considering how much it does right compared to XIII.

  • Portable Uncharted. Do I really have to go into any more detail than that?

  • Someone's gotta rip the "RPG crown" out of Bethesda and BioWare's lazy, greedy fingers. Hopefully 38 Studios can pull it off; we need some RPGs with actually competent battle systems.

  • 4-player online co-op side-scrolling beat-em-up RPG by the people who made Odin Sphere. That's pretty much all you need to know.

  • The chances of this game coming out anywhere in the English-speaking world are next to nil, unfortunately, but I can still hold out hope.

    Also hold out hope that it's any good...

  • Enjoyed the first one, cautiously looking forward to the sequel.