Backlog update and other stuff!

So its been a little while since I posted an update. I had plans to do this blogging thing on a regular basis, but unfortunately real life can get in the way sometimes. 
When I last posted I gave a huge list of games that I am trying to play through before May. Now, I'm not crazy. I understand that there is no fucking way I am going to complete all of those games, but I never expected such a small amount of progress. See, I have only completed two games in almost a month. Now part of that has to do with a decreased amount of time near my computer, but it's mostly due to the horrible addiction that I have developed that some of you know as League of Legends.
 Now, I'm alright at  LoL. I used to play when  it first came out. I tend to main with Corki, but lately I've started rockin' Pantheon. I also play some Veigar and master Yi, but thats hit and miss.  What I'm trying to get to is WTF Riot Games!?! How could you? This game is fucking crack. I also have to call out one of my friends for asking me to jump back in and play a few rounds with him one night. Fuck you Tim.  Like I said, I used to play LoL when it first came out and I pretty fucking addicted to it then too, but I think that had more to do with the people I was playing with than the game itself. Don't get me wrong, LoL is awesome, but at the time I was living in a house with some other nerds that I went to school with. When it came time to LoL we would sit at our computers with the doors to our rooms open and just shout down the hall at each other. Team fights were a total clusterfuck but over all it was an amazing gaming experience. But when I got my degree and moved out, I kind of just stopped playing. I know there are a number of services that could allow that kind of teamwork and friendship over great distances (I'm a huge fan of X-fire) but for some reason it just didn't keep my attention. Well, consider that phase fucking over. It's a testament to the dev team's abilities just how much better that game has gotten. They've kept all of their core mechanics the same, but the shear number of champions now is amazing. The game remains extremely well balanced but the depth now is just incredible. I just can't believe that the one game I didn't have to pay for has managed to take up all of my time.
As for the games I managed to finish, you can cross Puzzle Agent and Ghost Trick off the list. I still haven't finished Mass Effect 2. I plan to soon, just after one more game of LoL...