Who here likes Power Rangers?

So while on my vacation, I thought I'd start up watching Power Rangers again. Last time I watched seasons 1 and 2, but then stopped on Season 3 about half-way through. 
Season 3 is the season before Power Rangers Zeo, which is the season that I CAN'T WAIT to get to. However it's now been about two years since I last watched those seasons, lol. So it's been a while. Although I had started up season 3 again no less than three times, but never completed it. Hopefully fourth time's the charm!
I've always been a fan of Power Rangers though. I can't beileve it is still going. Some of the newer stuff is insane. Like Power Rangers SPD, Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder. Those are the seasons that I can't wait to get to. The special effects are pure madness. I remember reading an interview with the producer of SPD, and him saying that he was literally pushing Disney as far as they could to create bigger and bigger explosions. He said he had gone up to feature film degree and kept pushing to see how far he could go. So awesome. 
But I know there are several pretty lame ones as well after Power Rangers In Space (which is one of my favorites) but I plan on sitting through all of them just to see them and give them a shot. I haven't even seen a glimpse of what they've done in the last year or two. The last new one I even saw was "Mystic Force" which seemed pretty stupid. 
Anyone else here a fan of the Power Ranger series? And if so what was your favorite season? Is there anyone that never stopped watching it and remains a fan from the good ol' days? It came out in '93 in America so I know many kids here are barely even the age of the series. Which is insane.