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Hold on to that R1, now..... 0

Let me begin by saying that this is my favourite game of all time, for multiple reasons. The basic premise of the game is simple- you must kill 16 gigantic enemies to coax a mysterious power into reviving your love, but in presentation, it becomes so much more.StorylineNow, I'll be honest here, the storyline is a bit hit or miss. There is a minimum of dialogue and actual story development, with most of the plot condensed into the beginning and end, and the entire presentation being so ambiguous ...

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Remeber when JRPGs were this good? 0

The reviews for this game that I saw touted it as a moderately fun, but archaic JRPG. I did'nt expect anything special when I picked it up. I'm glad to say I was surprised.GameplayFirst off, this is a turn-based RPG in the style of the early Final Fantasies. Combat is purely turn-based, there are the familiar lists of spells and abilites. There are a few notable differences, namely the immortals and the ring system.You have 4 characters in your party who are 'immortal'- if they are KO'd, they wi...

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