30 Days of Gaming : Day 5

Early update! I have like, 45 minutes until next class (and Minecraft.net is down :c) so I'll kill some time with this! Win-win for everyone! 

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Commander Shepard 

I honestly shouldn't even have to explain this. We all dream of outer space, right? Those of us who believe in life on other planets will spend a good minute or two of our life thinking of the possibilities of that predicament and what it either entails for the human race or how it'll dictate the future. ... right? ... I KNOW I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE. 
Point is-- I think about it a lot. I think about it a lot more than I normally would, thanks to Mass Effect, and it makes me ever curious as to what the rest of the universe is like. Either that, or what it would be like to live the in the Mass Effect universe. Different species living together and waging war against each other, having trillions of planets at your instant disposal thanks to the Mass Relays... It kind of blows my mind at times to think about it for too long because I don't know if I could just be suddenly thrust into that kind of a universe but I would certainly like to see it in reality. It's this that has made me wish more than once that I was Shepard's shoes. Not just because SHE is the ultimate space-badass but there's just so much to the Mass Effect universe... man. I can't even really say it in proper words. That shit is just awesome and I want to go to there. 

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