Giant ROM 2 - Prototyping/Drawing stuff

I actually started doing something tangible. I chose to use 8x8 sprites for the most part cause i am a really good artist.

Behold my awesome art!

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The container looks like garbage, but the sheep looks alright. I guess that orange thing is a plane. Planes are hard to draw.

Now, onto making things move. Incoming.

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Giant ROM 2 - Brainstorming

Here is my brainstorming process:

Kojima does:

  • Pachinko - That is ironic. Theme?
  • Match-3 Game - Theme?
  • Something with robots? Zone of the Enders inspired thing. Robot melodrama. I don’t want to fight. But i am a soldier. This is what i do. Gundam.
  • Puzzle platformer about the war economy. War is Bad.
  • Minigame where you have to put eyepatches on things. Kojima loves to put eyepatches on everything.
    • Put eyepatches on things, but what?
    • Several screens:
    • Generic military guy
    • Dog. Put eyepatch on dog. Is it a wolf?
    • Robert Edison Fulton, Jr . Top screen reads “this is Robert Edison Fulton, Jr - He invented a lot of stuff”
    • Things are fulton’ed after eyepatch'ed
    • After some attempts at drawing stuff. I’m not a great artist.
  • Fulton Plane simulator.
  • Ballon cord has a green region. Pass through the green region with the plane to collect object.
  • It's simple it's effective and i can make something with the remaining time. Chosen.

The name

I'm going to use the Kojima process to name things. Use random words that sound cool together:

Sky gear?

Sky apparatus?


Sky stratum?

Metal drift stratum?

Metal drift stratum: Fulton simulator

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Giant ROM 2: Backstory

I got a little bit too lazy and i'm starting a game for Giant ROM 2 with 3 days left.

The theme is:


Since i've got a small amount of time, i'm going to use PICO-8 to produce something simple. It is going to be my first try using this.

What is PICO-8? It is a fantasy console by Lexaloffle Games. It provides a small set of tools for game creation, while keeping it all really focused (and constrained).

The tools are defined, but what i am going to make?

My Kojima backstory

I played Lunar Knights and Metal Gear Solid years after the release (not to completion), so i'm not what you call a Kojima connoisseur. I've watched all of Metal Gear Scanlon though.

Although i like the ridiculous stories from Metal Gear, almost everytime the melodrama is too much for me.

I like Metal Gear as i like Anime. I like it crazy but keep Japanese clichés to a minimum. Unfortunately, as i understand, you sometimes cannot have one without the other.

Right. I'm going to start brainstorming now.

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Assassins Creed 2

Finaly bought AC2, so far, i'm enjoying the game and i'm really feeling that i am learning something, like the story of some known landmarks and a little bit of italian ( it's a me! Mario! )

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Oh God i'm a idiot i have to buy this games right now

As i said, i'm left with my seconday credit card (a long time ago), and i can't buy things from the outside ( the pricing on games here is pretty lame ) so here's the list:
 Oh God i'm a idiot i have to buy this games right now, early 2010 Ranking, by level of "wantness": 
On the Top:

  •  AC 2 
  • Live 12 months or more
  •  COD MW2
  •  FIFA 10 -> playing with friends is awesome 
  • Shadow Complex 
  • DIRT 2 

Do i want this? list:
  • Bayonetta -> Played the demo reaction was " Holy SH*T i dont know what's happening...IT'S AWESOME" 
  • Batman arkam a. -> yeah i know, batman killed my parents so i'm not into it
  • Splosionman
  • Mirror's edge -> liked the demo, never had the chance ( now it's cheap ) 
  • Red faction guerrilla 
  • GTA4 Episodes 
  • Army of two something40thday
  •  Mtx vs atv reflex
  •  Trials hd 
  • Bionic commando -> i dont really know why ... 

i'm really looking forward to buy all this stuff ( and having the money for that )
edit: sorry for the mess, also, suggestions are welcome