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I was able to complete step 1 thanks to some friends here in Madison, but still would love to interview game developers. Thanks!


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My name is Jay O'Toole and I am PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I need your help. My dissertation examines new video game development projects. I choose this topic because of my long time interest in video games (I still remember playing my Intellivision for hours on end) and because it is natural fit for some of my research interests. After talking with Perry at Giant Bomb, he suggested I post a message in this forum.


1. I am interested in exporting the list of game companies in a plain text format (see Ideally the export would include the name, number of games developed, number of games published, and last edited date. Parry thought someone from the API forum could easily spit out the list for me without much trouble.

2. I am looking for game developers to interview. My dissertation will likely include a survey component, but before I write questions for the survey, I would love to talk with a few developers to get a better understanding of the development process. Specifically I am interested in what skills are necessary, what you may have learned about developing games from the different projects you have worked on (both the successes and the projects that never quite materialized), and more about the technology behind developing games. Past interviews I have conducted have typically lasted 30-45 minutes.

Please email me at if you can help me with exporting the list of companies or you are willing to let me interview you. Thanks!

Jay O'Toole