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  • To me, this feels like a real revelation in turn-based tactics. Despite largely being procedurally generated, the game still feels incredibly tightly designed; it makes you deeply consider every move (and their consequences) in a way that a lot of other tactics games just don't.

    I loved this game so much that I ended up getting every achievement - and even then, I still wanted more...

  • I had low expectations for this, but I really ended up enjoying this a whole lot - despite (maybe because of?) its difficultly. Also, I'm a real sucker for its character/creature design, particularly its take on the Seven Deadly Sins.

  • I wasn't super into the game until I finally managed to beat it. For me, the run back to the entrance after the final boss was incredibly exhilarating. Also, not to mention its lovely pixel textures.

  • The reason this is so high up is because, at its core, the intricate simultaneous-turn mechanic is still great. However, the strategy layer can end up becoming pretty tedious and tiresome.

  • This is up there with Jackbox party Pack 3 (the one with Tee K.O.). Aside from the action-oriented Zeeple Dome, this is a very fun, slickly-designed package. Probably the biggest standout for me is Split the Room's take on the Twilight Zone - which I'd say they pretty much nail.

  • The closest thing to an Interplay Fallout game I've played in a long while. More exactly, to me, this feels like a combination of Krater and Fallout 1...marinated in XCOM juices...

    The combat can be pretty unforgiving (in some cases, excessively so), but I really enjoyed my time with the game and I hope there's more Mutant Year Zero to come.

  • This game is totally up my alley, replete with all kinds of flagrant retro fanservice - you can even play the game with EGA or C64 palette filters (among several others).

    The gameplay is about what you'd expect from something that's heavily inspired by Doom - colour-coded keycards; lots of secret areas; and, of course, hundreds of enemies that need killing.

    However, it's also 2018 and all games are unfinished to some degree, which means the game also includes a lots of bugs. Thankfully, the developer seems to actively be trying to iron things out.

  • A very strong contender for 2018's "best styyyyyyyyle". The game also has some cool gameplay mechanics. Sadly, the visuals and gameplay don't always mix perfectly - there's many instances where it's not easy to differentiate between foreground and background.

  • You had me at cute dolphin-face boy. The concept behind the game seems like it could have ended up being very annoying, but there is a certain joy to be found in its brand of speedrun-esque task optimisation.

  • It still has the brilliant aesthetic, brutal narrative, and difficult choices of the previous Banner Saga Games. So, for those reasons, I enjoyed it. But let's just say that I'm glad this series is over now. I very much got tired of playing it towards the end.