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Trading in 3DS for Vita?

I was flying to Arizona for a buddys wedding back in April and I needed something to do on the plane and in the terminals. I had a kindle, but I can read for about an hour stretch before I need to do something else. It was at that time that I went all in and bought a 3DS. I quickly looked for good deals on DS games and snagging some stellar 3DS titles (such as Mario 3D Land and Ocarina). Playing it on the plane wasn't too terrible - some of the motion stuff in Mario was getting annoying - having to twist and contort my body like some Ukranian gymnist. But it was fun.

Fast foward to now, and I really only play it when I'm in bed or on the couch lounging and that is pretty rare these days. My biggest gipe with the 3DS is the size. My hands end up cramping up after about 10-15 minutes of play. Since my plane trip I've bought more and more games (Heroes of Ruin, Kid Icarus, more old DS rpg's) and I'm not sure how I feel. The games feel more like "gimmicky" than full fledged games. I do understand that this is a portable device and theres no way I'm looking for 16-28 hours of gameplay, but I guess the "worlds" that these games create don't feel immersive enough.

The other issue I have is that touchscreen. To this day I still don't know why Nintendo went with a resistive touchscreen instead of capacitive. I guess I'm just so used to multitouch due to my iPhone/Android I'm lugging around all the time. I've been reading a bit on the Vita games and it seems that the games seem to shoehorn touch capabilities here and there, instead of something like the 3DS which hinges on touch. I don't mind touching here and there, I guess I just prefer if the game either is all touch or no touch.

So I've been looking at my old gadgets collecting dust in the corner: my PSP-2000, my 120gb iPod and now my 3DS. I've really been thinking about trading all of them in, including my cache of 3DS games and old xbox/psp games in for a Vita. My biggest question is this: is the system comfortable? I know the 3DS seems to have a stronger library at the moment, but I guess I don't want any more re-makes or snes era RPG's. I never owned a PS1 before so the idea of visiting an old library of games is enticing - such as Metal Gear Solid. My old PSP was hacked, and even then the lack of an additional stick for a camera was really annoying, since I had been so used to it by then.

Anyway, not sure what I should do. I don't play my 3DS anymore really so it's just sitting there collecting dust. There are a few games for the Vita that I'm really interested in (Lumines, LBP, Katamari) and that resolution looks pretty god damn smooth. On the other hand, I may just be done with portables completely. I dunno duders...thoughts?!