Matt's Fav Games of 2018

Another year, another year packed full of great games. Another paragraph of me being sad that I limit this to my favourite ten because I could've easily done thirty. I can't let 2018's list go by without stating that this list has a potentially huge black hole in it with the lack of Return of the Obra Dinn. I only started playing it recently (due to it's inclusion in loads of other GOTY lists) and, a couple of hours in, I'm in love with it. If I'd played more it would probably be on this list but also, who knows. It might turn to shit five hours in. I don't think it will. But anyone, get that game.

Honourable mentions this year go to games like Forza Horizon 4, one of the best open world racers ever made. It's crazy fun to drive through more familiar territory now that the series has come to the UK. And PS4's Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-man. Utterly fun. It's not all brilliant but the pure joy of how the damn game feels to play is wonderful. I'm probably gonna platinum it because I can't stop swinging around. And Red Dead Redemption 2! A game I'm savouring and slowly working my way through and one that almost snuck into my ten but I'm just not quite there with it yet. And Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Again, I'm too early. But it's the Mario 64 style platformer that PlayStation wishes it always had. Well now it's got it. If you've got PSVR. Anyway, enough cheating sneaking other games in last minute... On to the list! My favourite ten games of 2018.

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