Matt's Favourite Games of 2015


Easily one of my favourite years in gaming EVER, 2015 has spoiled us with twelve months chock full of dead good games. I look down my list and literally any one of the ten games would've easily been my number one game in a different year. Easily. In a year where a new Mario game AND A NEW BLOODY FALLOUT GAME didn't make my top ten, you know it's a good one. So big shout out to all of the games that were cruelly knocked off of my list in favour of these choices. Splatoon, Fallout 4, Super Mario Maker, #IDARB, Batman: Arkham Knight etc etc. You're all great.

As always, no re-releases or ports in here. So no Rare Replay, Uncharted Collection, Journey, God of War 3, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Resident Evil etc etc etc. Just new stuff released in 2015.

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