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The best third person action game since Max Payne 0

At the very beginning of the game Batman has arrested the clown prince, The Joker and is taking him to Arkham Asylum, Gothman's notorious island prison for the criminally insane. Yet the Dark Knight remains suspicious: The Joker has never let himself be captured this easily. Batman with the help of Commissioner Gordon and the prison staff escort The Joker through Arkham. Yet once the prisoner is separated from Batman he manages to escape custody and begins a riot, taking over the prison. Batman ...

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Valve is still king of the FPS genre. 1

Valve’s latest First Person Shooter Left 4 Dead takes place two weeks after the outbreak of a zombie virus. We are introduced to four survivors: Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey. We are not given any details to their back stories or the cause of the zombie infestation. Rather, this intense multiplayer experience focuses on co-operative online play, in which players can take the role of a survivor across four campaigns. They can battle enemy teams in Versus Mode, switching between the role of the In...

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Fallout 3 PC Review. 2

In the future, civilization survived nuclear warfare by relocating into underground vaults. Fallout 3 begins as you the player are literally born in Vault 101 into the arms of your father (Liam Neeson). As a child you are introduced to the games character creation system where you are able to increase a number of your personal traits such as Luck and Strength. You are also given an electronic device called the Pip-Boy 3000 which tracks your health, skills and objectives. On your nineteenth birth...

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Although hailed by critics and fans as the best PC game of 2004, Half-Life 2 had an ending that left many people scratching their heads. It wasn’t so much an ending but a lead up to Episode 1, the first of three expansion packs to be developed and released by Valve. In short it is a remarkable production that completely lives up to hype and establishes itself as the epitome of what gaming should be: a mixture of pulse raising action and continuously exciting game play, along with exquisite techn...

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Thief: Deadly Shadows 0

Thief: Deadly Shadows. Concluding a story is always difficult. It’s even harder when it’s the finale to what must be the most innovative and refreshing PC game to date. Nonetheless this was the task faced by Ion Storm. They took hold of the Thief series once the original developers, Looking Glass Studios, closed down. The pressure of having to live up to such a renowned title must have been unbearable. So the question remains: is this the game fans having been waiting so long for? Or is it los...

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Half-Life 2: Episode Two 0

Half-Life 2: Episode Two Half-Life 2: Episode Two begins immediately where the previous installment left off. Again as scientist turned-hero Gordon Freeman, you’re placed outside the realms of the obsolete City 17 with your companion Alyx Vance. The Combine Army has continued its assault of recontrolling Earth, and before long Alyx and Gordon find themselves in an ambush. When Vance is left critically wounded you’re tasked with not only saving her but taking her to The White Forest before the ...

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GTA: San Andreas 2

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2005) places you deep into the fictional city of Los Santos. You play Carl Johnson, known to most, as just C.J. He’s a guy who’s been away from the hood for five years, living it out in Liberty City. Returning back to the hood where he grew up he finds that things have changed. His homies don’t have the power they once had and he is quickly framed and blackmailed by Officer Tenpenny (voiced by Samuel Jackson). It is up to you to win back the respect for your family...

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STALKER: SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL The year is 2012, six years after a second meltdown occurred within a Chernobyl nuclear reactor. The land of has been deformed and left with many abnormalities, deformed wildlife and men known as STALKERS who scavenge the area of Chernobyl, looking for valuable artifacts. Awaking from a road accident, you are left with amnesia, a tattoo on your arm that says STALKER and a PDA with an instruction to kill a man named Strelok. With little choice you must complet...

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Bioshock 4

BIOSHOCK DEVELOPER: 2K GAMES. The year is 1960. On board a plane flying across the Atlantic Ocean, you play as a faceless protagonist known as Jack. When the plane crashes into the sea, you take salvation by swimming ashore to a lighthouse. A mini submarine which takes you into the depths of the Ocean and you are greeted by an infomercial presenting to you the world of “Rapture”. In 1940's a man named Andrew Ryan invited the artists and intellects to join him in creating an underwater ...

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