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BILL has cholera. 0

Short game means short review.The Oregon Trail starts you off by selecting you and your partners names, also the wagon party name. After you typed in your names the next part is choosing which career you had, from being a Banker to a Saddlemaker. Each career has a helpful trait, or none at all. As example a Banker would start with riches and the Saddlemaker could repair wheel axles and all that on your journey. Then you buy your items you need for your trail such as clothes for trading or bullet...

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A game truly made to end the series with dropped jaws. 0

Metal Gear Sold 4 is by far a noble prize winning game of the century in my books. The game quickly pulls you in close and together you both share a special bond with each other. The fact that not only gameplay is supurb but aswell the storyline. Aside from those two the graphics are astounding with beautiful to destruction scenery. The game would not be classified as a game but instead as a memorable experience that Old Snake and you have gone through together from the start and end.My review m...

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