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Favre Just Won't Go Away't-make-my-decision-for-'a-month'?MSNHPHMA

Oh god here we go again. Last year as we all remember the leagues only primadonna QB Brett Favre made everyone wait months till he made his desicion to retire, practicially up to the draft only to unretire and put his former team in a bad desicion. Those who know football think the team, Green Bay did the right thing because they had moved on and were planning accordingly, those with no brain sided with Favre who as usual was full of himself.

Point is the guy sucks and proves that every year by single handedly loosing most big games he played in. He did with his last game against the Giants, and did it again with what may have been his last game as Jet bot times his last throws by the way were INT's.

Another post

So I have to decide whether to move it my blog here or not. I have made no secret that Gamespot's ultra moderation annoys the hell out of me as it often censors even regular words that aren;t even profanity. Don;t know yet though, its either here or 1up I guess. Both suit me well enough though I'll admit I do not post nearly as much as I used to.