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What's up with Destiny?

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My Fall '12 lineup

Games I'm looking forward to playing in the fall season of 2012...before armageddon, that is.

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  • No doubt about it, this is the number one game that I am looking forward to play this fall season. This sequel looks to build on the all ready impressive first game. Really looking forward the see what the sequel has in store.

  • After starting Darksiders and playing it for about an hour, I put the controller down, I wasn't feeling it. It wasn't until I started reading about Darksiders 2 that I picked up that controller again to replay Darksiders through it entirety. I absolutely fell in love with Darksiders which then in turn made me want to play this game even more.

  • Naturally. Once again, this game seems(key word) to be reinventing an aspect of its formula to conjure up something new and exciting unlike CoDMW3.

  • I really liked Far Cry 2 and this games looks to build on that. Everything looks great from the graphics, the story, gameplay, and multiplayer. Really looking forward to playing this.

  • Was not a big fan of the first game, Assassin's Creed, but I did enjoy Assassin's Creed 2 and this looks to be fresh, so, that is why AC3 is on my list.

  • I don't know a lot about this game other than some of the core mechanics that will be implimented in the game, and it seems interesting.

  • Why not? I'm probably in the minority of people who enjoyed RE5, but Im interested to see how the story unfolds after the RE5 storyline.

  • Because I'm a sucker for these games and I really enjoy the multiplayer on the DICE engine....I hope they use the DICE engine.