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I gots Karizma.

Well, Ive decided to expand on this more, I mean, why not, right?

Well im a guy that wants to change the world, wants to make a difference, make sure that how the world is as it is isn't going to stay like this forever, I think people will be their own undoing, and that something needs to be changed as a result of it. People are stupid, greedy, bloodthirsty and just fucking idiotic in almost every way, I say almost because I haven't fully let go of hope on mankind. I'll never understand why people can be so fickle, constantly changing, regardless of what they had in the past, regardless of what they said, what their interests were or what ideals they had, always moving forward but never stopping and looking back on what they had, or what they lost, they often times burn bridges when they think they will never cross paths or find a use for what was on the other side of that bridge only to return to that place we ruined our chances at, back where we started, regretting and wanting that second shot when it was all too late and you always look back for what could have been. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending, just have to go through the bad and have to fight for the good. Despite all the bad in this world there is some good, and ive seen it and had first hand experience with some of the best things in life, but people, man people. People are what they repeatedly do, people have the habit of not breaking off from the norm, not doing something different, not giving something a chance to something that is often better because its change, and its chance, and its hard to trust that its hard to believe that it will keep working so its reverted back. Chances are given to too many people who don't deserve them, who have ruined them, yet it all doesn't matter. The result is always the same. Whatever is constantly held in your mind will always be manifested at one point or another because your expecting it to. All it takes is something worth breaking that habit, and experiencing something worthwhile. Something real, and something that should have a chance. Theres always that chance, but people often don't take it and regret it later. Yet daily I find myself compelled to change the world, or make someone happy, and I wouldn't change it, and I wouldn't give up on it for anything. Im going to make a difference, this may be a little out of place for Giantbomb but its what I feel on a lot, and its what I plan on doing, and plus, I just don't think people read these anyway ;)

Also, I love Batman, Regular ass Batman.

Up and coming games journalist aswell.

Worked at places such as IGN, Screwattack and Gametrailers. Hoping to get the internship for Giantbomb someday. It's a goal to work for a company as great as them, and a dream i've had for many years.