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Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?

*Note* This article has been shortened.

What would you say if I stated the pyramids were built, or designed, by aliens, rather than the Egyptians? You may laugh, but I have solid evidence, and there are a growing number like myself who are finally jumping on board and discovering the truth about the past.

I won't go into extreme details, although if this topic interests you, a simple 'aliens built pyramids' Google search will give you a number of sites. Basically, let's start with the knowledge required to build such momentous structures. At the time, the Egyptians were not aware of the advanced mathematics we have today. Concepts such as Pi, were not yet discovered. They knew nothing of latitudes and longitudes, nor did they know where the North Pole was, or if it even existed. So then how did they manage to build pyramids that were 1/10th of and inch off being perfectly straight, and how did they manage to construct the Great Pyramid of Giza so that it was perfectly in line with the North Pole? Also, if you take the perimeter of the pyramid and divide it by two times the height, you get a number exactly equivalent to pi (3.14159). Even stranger, the pyramid lies on the point 31 degrees north by 31 degrees west. Coincidentally, these two lines cover the most combined land area in the world, making the Great Pyramid the centre of all land mass of the world. Hmm.

Let's look at the technology around at the time. Supposedly, the Egyptians were able to build the Great Pyramid by lugging stone blocks into position. Each block weighed on average 1.5 tonnes. Apparently, it took them 20 years to complete the pyramid, with 100,000 men working on it each day. But even this large a workforce couldn't have constructed the pyramid with the technology at the time. So how did they manage to get the blocks into positions so extreme that not even a razor blade could fit between two of the stones. Let's look at two of the common assumptions: ramp and roll.

The ramp technique states the Egyptians built a ramp that ascended around the pyramid as the structure got taller. This is a ridiculous theory since they would've needed more materials to build the ramp than the actual pyramid. And who was working on the ramp when the pyramid needed full attention? Furthermore, where did the materials for the ramp come from? There was hardly enough stones for the actual pyramid. Also, where did the ramp materials go? We certainly haven't found a large discardment of materials anywhere.

The roll technique states the Egyptians cut down trees in nearby regions, and used the trunks to help roll the heavy stones across the ground to the pyramids. Why on earth would they want to do that? While I can't recall the name of the trees supposedly used, they were in fact a food source for the Egyptians, and the number of trees needed for this process would've been phenomenal. For example, how many times could each trunk survive being placed under the stone's weight? Very few.

This takes us back to where we started. How did they build the pyramids, in particular, the Great Pyramid? The tools they had at the time couldn't have done the job. In fact, the tools we have today couldn't do the job in 20 years. How did they do it? Simple - they didn't.

Before I take this topic outside of Earth, I'll leave you with another striking fact. Throughout their history, the Egyptians made sure to record everything about their civilisation: methods of agriculture, hierarchy, beliefs, events and celebrations, lifestyles. Yet, there is abosulutely no mention of the pyramids being built. Nothing at all. I ask you to find an answer as to why this might be the case?

Looking at some of the hieroglyphic depictions created we come across some interesting discoveries. In one picture, a being is depicted and not specified as a god. This is strange, but it is not unique to the Egyptian culture. In fact, there are rock drawings in the Incan Empire depicting human-like creatures wearing space suits. I believe there are similar pictures in Iraq or Afghanistan. So around 10,000 BC these pictures are appearing in Egypt, and then between 1400-1500 AD, they're drawn in the Inca Empire. These are, of course, well before the invention of the space suit.

What fascinates me the most are the writings of a tenth planet by the Incans and, I believe, the Egyptians. My main question is this - how did these civilisations even know about the other nine planets (imagine that Pluto is still labelled a planet)? Furthermore, how did they know about a tenth one that only modern astronomy has accepted exists, yet we haven't been able to get an exact location on it. This planet is known as Planet X, and is apparently where the visitors to Earth came from, as stated in the pictures and writings. Trivia: Have you heard about the mysterious fungi that escaped and killed everybody that went near King Kufu's tomb? Was that really a curse, or was it ancient fungi? Maybe, it was fungi from another world? Planet X?

Finally, we can all agree the Great Pyramid is something to marvel at. To this day, it has survived exceptionally well. But why, 500 years after the Great Pyramid was built, could the Egyptians fail to create smaller pyramids of equal quality. Today, these smaller clones are crumbling, yet the biggest and the best remains standing tall.