Best Soundtracks of 2014 (OFFICIAL)

I like music, I like video games. I like good music in video games. Here's some of the best of 2k14!

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  • Composed by: Widdly 2 Diddly (Austin Jorgensen)

    The best way to describe this soundtrack is "fitting". This game is weird as hell and there are plenty of weird tracks that reflect it. This game can definitely make you feel sad and there are tracks on this OST that prove it. This game's pretty disturbing and... well, you know what I'm getting at.

    Listen/buy here:

    Best trax include: All Hail The Fishmen, Die! Die! Die! and My Lord, My Wally.

  • Composed by: .Haku & Moodbasics (Mattias Hakulinen and Pontus Askbrink)

    So, there are two discs to this soundtrack. Disc 1 consists of jazzy lounge tracks that play during the overworld portions of the game. Disc 2 is made up of hip-hop remixes of those songs that play during the card battles of the game. It's kind of alarming how good this soundtrack is. It's a shame most people will probably never hear it!

    Listen here:

    Best trax include: Nights, Ghastly House, Turnip Corp. (from Disc 1)

    Chaotic Bigness, Safe Fiction, Cash Drop. (From Disc 2)

  • Composed by: Virt (Jake Kaufman) & Manami Matsumae

    I haven't played Shovel Knight (yet) but I don't think I have to to tell you that it's got one of the best soundtracks of 2014. With Virt of Wayforward fame and original Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae by his side the two have created one of the best chiptune works in recent memory.

    Listen/buy here:

    Best trax include: In the Halls of the Usurper (Pridemoor Keep), The Bounty Hunter (Treasure Knight Battle), Flowers of Antimony (The Explodatorium)

  • Composed by: Virt (Jake Kaufman)

    Another virt joint but this time it's something radically different. This soundtrack is a delightfully odd mix of SNES era Final Fantasy and a spaghetti western. It's also got a synthesized harmonica in some tracks!

    Listen/buy here:

    Best trax include: The Saints-Little Gang, Saloon Rag, Death Row

  • Composed by: Various Artists

    From crunchy electro to sleek garage, Lethal League's soundtrack is the perfect music to listen to while laying a beatdown on your friends.

    Best track is: Ordinary Days by Klaus Veen.

  • Composed by: Luis Hernandez

    Jazzpunk's soundtrack is... well. Often times it's 60's spy film stingers slapped together to form something similar to a beat. Sometimes it's languid electronic loops backed by tropical drums. It even gets to the point where you end up listening to public domain documentary audio laid over a fresh beat. For the most part, it sounds like this soundtrack was some sort of Frankenstein-ian construction of early sci-fi and spy fiction soundbytes that can only exist in an alternate dimmension. It's pretty great.

    Best trax include: Every single one of them.

  • Composed by: Ridiculon (Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans)

    A lot of people say that the new soundtrack isn't as good as the old one. Those people are actually wrong. They just don't get it man y'know? But really, I think those boys at Ridiculon did a good job capturing the disgusting, horrific and haunting atmosphere that lies behind the entire concept of The Binding of Isaac.

    Listen/buy here:

    Best trax include: Diptera Sonata, The Forgotten (Secret Room), Infanticide (Isaac), Descensum

  • Composed by: Calum Bowen

    The OST for Lovely Planet is 100% concentrated pure love happiness forever. It actually makes me feel a bit sad listening to such happy music. The sadness doesn't stay for too long though, it's almost immediately replaced by the joyous sounds of a lovely planet...

    Listen/buy here:

    Best trax include: ALL OF 'EM.

  • Composed by: FlybyNo

    Someone described this soundtrack to me as "The best Aphex Twin album I ever heard". While that could not be a more incorrect assessment of this soundtrack, I understand the sentiment behind it; that being that it's some god-tier electronic music. Think of it as 2014's FTL soundtrack of the year.

    Listen/buy here:

    Best trax include: Actually every single one.

  • Composed by: .Haku (Mattias Hakulinen)

    I have the audacity to put a game jam game on this list because A) I'm a wild dude and B) It's actually a jammin' soundtrack. It was also made in less than 4 days!

    Listen here:

    Best trax include: Goodnight Legend, Jazzy Ghosts

  • Composed by: Kozilek (Jukio Callo)

    Luftrausers soundtrack is one that you sort of build yourself, the song that play during the game is based on the parts you choose. There are over 100(!) different combinations and they're all pretty great. There are also some original tracks that play in the menus and those are alright too! This entire OST sounds like wartime propaganda.

    Listen/buy here:

    Best trax include: Assaultrauser, Laserauser, Devil From The Deep

  • Composed by: doseone (Adam Drucker)

    I haven't played Heavy Bullets (yet) but doseone does good stuff. This OST is a glitched out neon nightmare. There are instrumentals for every track, which is thoughtful since the vocals can get in the way at times.

    Listen/buy here:


  • Composed by: Flexstyle

    This one's so 80's man. It's not even the synthesizers that make it so good, it's the drums that make this soundtrack so legit. Forget all that other "retro" stuff, Trace Vector's OST is where it's at!

    Listen/buy here:

    Best trax include: The Cosmic Void, Strange Space, A Strange Feeling, A New Beginning

  • Composed by: Daedelus (Alfred Weisberg-Roberts)

    I totally forgot Nidhogg came out this year and I totally forgot Daedelus did the soundtrack. There only 4 tracks on this one but they're all sooooo good! Also, the soundtrack comes with the game!

    Listen here:

    Best trax include: All of 'em.

  • Composed by: Various artists

    This one is all licensed music and it's really rare to have such an on-point soundtrack consisting of only licensed stuff. I never skip tracks when playing, all these tunes are just too good. Unfortunately, you have to buy every track piecemeal if you want the whole thing.

    Listen here:

    Best track is: Long Arm - The Roots