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acrimsonbullet: Best of 2010

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  • Yea I know I picked an unoriginal game of the year, but this is the first game ive beaten 3 times since Metal Gear Solid 2

  • Long time Civ fan, I could not shut my computer off and pretty much ruined September for me

  • Great story filled in a great atmosphere. One of the few games I actually want to get 100% complete in.

  • Stabin' dudes in the neck took it one step farther with Multiplayer. Add new combat mechanics and guilds in the single player, and this franchise keeps improving on itself

  • I love me some baseball, and just when you think they have perfected this series, the come out with an improved game the next year.

  • Yo, they made another Halo game, with the best story in a halo game since the 1st one. This one really felt like the perfection of the series

  • Probably played this online more than anything else, love what they do with the online team club features. And I have probably watched no more than 8 hours of hockey in my life.

  • The game that was good enough to finally make me say no to the COD series this year.

  • This one hits the pleasures censors of the the brain.

  • Not the greatest game with the most polish, but scratches the itch while waiting for sim city 5, which may never happen