My mid-term for Illustration Class (Image Remade)

So while many people went out to party for their Spring Break, I spent it working on several mid-terms for various classes. Well one project is now finished. Thought I might show it off. We had two choices, make an advertisement for a watch company or make an advertisement for entertainment (i.e. movie poster). It could be for a real movie or one of our choice. 
I chose to do a movie poster for my own story, and this is what I spent all week working on.  
Can you guess the two images that are heavily inspired by games? One is far more obvious than the other, I assure you. : )
There was a point where my computer glitched and I lost about 90% of all the work, and I was half-way through with it. Cost me a full day to remake it all. >: ( 
Edit: Okay people, you've all expressed your criticisms, especially in regards to the girl in the corner. Let it be known that I will fix it to the best of my abilities, before I turn it in on Monday.

 Check the next page for the new image.
 Check the next page for the new image.