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Polish video game developers, composers and writers

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A little patriotic list. Heres are some of the most popular polish developers,composers and writers.

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  • Besides Witcher and Painkiller games Skorupa also worked on Gorky games: Gorky 17 (Odium), Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor and Gorky02 : Aurora Watching (Soldier Elite). Some other games include: Bulletstorm, Infernal, Another War. He also worked on Amiga games

  • Today known for Bulletstorm he started his career with adventure games like Teenagent and Książę i Tchórz (The Prince and the Coward).

  • Works in game industry since 1993 he also had his start with adventure game Teenagent. Now works for 11 bit studios

  • Another developer from fairly recently created 11 bit studios.