And this is why Taiwan wins;

Pedomonk, Taiwan.

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Some 40-something year old fella' behaving like a monk, lured four kids into his home. He swore he had a Wii... Well, you can't sue him for lyin'. Regardless, dude was put to trial and faces 7 years per rape. Also, for a "THE MOAR YE KNOW" moment - The "legal" age is 14. Chris Hansen should move shop to Taiwan... 
Source #1: Kotaku.
Source #2: The creepiest re-enactment video I've ever seen in my life.

James Cameron's Deranged Mind, California - USA.

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In short, let Taiwan handle our CGI. Avatar would've been alot better... Atleast would have a better lead cast. Buzz-cut pedomonk while the space-rasta on the left is looking at him? Would've put alot more context to the picture, wouldn't it?