Game OST of the week - Metal Gear Solid 2 - Yell "Dead Cell"

There are many great games out there with fantastic OST's. Each week (when I can remember to) I'll post about one song from an OST that I think deserves attention.

This time it's Metal Gear Solid 2's Yell "Dead Cell".

My Boss claimed this sounds like something you'd trip out on whilst getting high clubbing, but I actually think it's rather good.

The original MGS and it's sequel are only set four years apart, but Sons Of Liberty's soundtrack has a certain 'futuristic' feel to it, even though both games at the time of their releases were set in the future. This is probably in part due to the games 'digital age' theme, though in all honesty MGS2 has many themes. Even the classic, now rarely heard in Metal Gear Games, Metal Gear Solid Theme is given a futuristic makeover, with electronic sprinklings during the opening, and squealing synths replaced with a military like drum roll.

What I like about Yell "Dead Cell" is that it's wild. It feels like a loose cannon, unpredictable and slightly unsettling. Words that sum up the Dead Cell members quite well. In reality it's a perfectly timed, intricately composed piece that instils excitement, panic and fear all at the same time.

In truth this week could've been one of any number from the Metal Gear games. The soundtracks to this series are consistently good. But it was Yell "Dead Cell"'s ability to take me back in time, to relive the moment I first faced Vamp and the others, that made it to this times Game OST track of the week.

Take a listen and tell me what you think.