100 Games that left an impact on me

This list is of all the games that impacted me in some significant manner. Some games made the list due to how they influenced my taste. Some made it due to how much I enjoyed them. Some made this list to sort of highlight how my tastes have change (and maybe by extension, how the industry has changed.) Some made it in for how awful they are. Thankfully I remember more positive impacts than negative ones :P I can probably spin an entire conversation about any one of these titles.

Note: Out of order, I think I will keep it that way. I also fully intend to put descriptions for all 100 of them, though I am still debating how long those will end up. Most of the stuff written is reminders for me when I explain their significance. Remember the order of the list is subject to my shoddy memory! The self-imposed statute of limitations for games to be placed on this list is 1 year after I have played them. This is so I can be sure the game has impacted me and I'm not just buying into the new game hype that sometimes get me.

List items