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Indy games you want to check out

A list of Indy games I have played, that come with my seal of approval. Most of these are either free or cheap, so if your wallet is hurting, this is a good place to start. This is not in any particular order so feel free to try anything out that actually piques your interest :)

List items

  • This is really a simple platformer, but pulls a couple of twists with it's eversion mechanic. Try not to spoil this one for yourself since its best taken not knowing what it's about. Just be sure to read the warning first ;)

  • This game takes a lot from Metroid and Megaman, which is always a good thing in my book. Quite the popular indy game and with good reason.

  • The storyline is so absurd its great. The JRPG gameplay is solid. JRPG fans looking for humor need look no further.

  • Brutal as heck platformer, but very fun regardless. Manages to give you a new experience every time. Aside from the dying part of course. Np matter which version you get, you won't be disappointed.

  • Short platformer with a great original Gameboy aesthetic that likes to mess with you by adding rules that you must follow. The music to this game is great and you can beat it in minutes if you're skilled.

  • The graphics on this are quite good considering its a free fighting game. The music is not bad and features a versus mode if you have a buddy you want to test your mettle against.

  • A side scrolling action adventure game based off of a franchise no one has heard of. "Zelda's Legend" or something like that. In all seriousness though, it is a pretty good game in its own right.

  • Make no mistake, this will probably be one of the hardest games you play. Masochistic action platforming awaits you in this game, yet you will always come back for more since its so much fun.

  • You basically control a rocket-car thing collecting blocks on a track. The track and blocks are generated by your own music, which immediately makes this awesome.

  • A dual stick shooter with that generates enemies through your own music. The graphic effects that pulse with the music are so good, there is a visualizer mode included with the game.

  • Super Meat Boy is insanely hard platforming refined. With many levels, unlockable characters and a really good soundtrack, this game is a lot of game, albeit hard, for those who want it.

  • Short platformer where jumping is replaced with inverting gravity. Really mind bending and satisfying; the soundtrack is also quite good.

  • The first indy game that I really got into. This is a dual stick shooter where almost everything you do contributes to the music.

  • This is what would happen if Super Mario Kart/F-Zero/WipEout just merged together to make a nice light racing game.

  • This game is not for the faint of heart. This game is very complex and the graphics are practically non-existent. Getting over that however, you have one of the deepest most rewarding games for free.

  • This game proves that the 2D beat-em-up still has a bit of life in it. With a great sense of humor, a lot of unlockables, and multiplayer that is a blast to play.

  • Considered one the quintessential "indy" games by most people with good reason. This puzzle game with platformer and time mechanics also has a pretty engrossing atmosphere and story.

  • A browser game where you play a Minoutaur trying to make a living through a fine china shop. Hilarity ensues.

  • A short difficult free platforming game. This was made with the retro style of the Sega Genesis in mind with a dash of S&M humor for good measure.

  • A really fast loose platformer with the most amazing bluegrass soundtrack you can imagine. The coloring book art style also gives the game a charm that few games can really pull off well.

  • At its' core, Altitude is a multiplayer shmup. With a huge number of unlockables and a populated multiplayer mode, this game will last you a while. It is also really easy to get the hang of.

  • Light platformer that has you as RunMan fleeing from a monster. While RunMan was known for having good gameplay, just having a green MSPaint thing of a monster chase you somehow makes for a great addition to the series.

  • A very psychedelic shmup. While there is a lot of things going on at one time in the shmup, some the sheepy save mechanics in this game allows you to play in a very satisfying reckless manner.

    This gets extra points since you can play this with just your mouse.

  • a 3D space shooter. Absolutely gorgeous to look at and generates the levels straight from music.

  • A metroidvania game with emphasis on exploration and platforming with no combat. Great little game with a level editor and many custom levels to prolong the experience.

  • A very fast paced 2D action game, that has some of the best bosses out there. The satisfying way the game controls and great 2D sprite work make this a game you should definitely check out.

  • A tower defense variant which has you saving people from zombies. The retro electric guitar soundtrack and the animations give this game a unique feel that makes it quite entertaining to look at and play.

  • Essentially mimics a very old school JRPG. The writing plays around with a lot of the stereotypes in the genre and is very self aware. Great stuff

  • All the things I said about Breath of Death VII apply to this one. This one has better graphics though and developer commentary.

  • The unique style to this game can not be understated (the narrator that comments on what is going on, the scenery that develops as you get near, a stellar soundtrack). The game play is good as well, and is just an absolute joy to play.

  • a shmup that takes the best things from a Cave style shmup without the inaccessibility that tends to come from these games. The way it sells the steampunk sci-fi alternate history story almost is ridiculous in the best way possible

  • If you want to get reductionist, this is essentially a really good version of breakout/arkanoid. However, the twists it brings with its boss fights and the block physics really do make it worth your time to at least checkout. The Soundtrack is also quite good.

  • Web based mmo. The presentation is stick figure drawings with a really good wit to it. A good time waster if you have a couple of minutes to burn everyday.

  • One of the few times where I actually enjoy an unwieldy sense of control. This is a friggin dinosaur with a jetpack, so of course its the handling will not be most precise thing in the world :P What makes it work is the physics on the Brontosaur.

  • A horizontal scrolling shmup that pays homage to Gradius and R-Type. A great game if your looking for a shmup that plays a bit more how they used to back in the 16-bit era.

  • The aesthetics of this game are like a really bad trip on some bad drugs in the 80's (This is a good thing). This trip also happens to have some challenging action puzzles that require high precision and speed which give it a breakneck pace.