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  • CABBAGES posted a message on the post 685: I Did It for the Grookey.

    All this talk about cross play and no one seems to remember Sony pushing for cross play back on the ps3 and Microsoft said no. If one is far ahead of the other then they won't benefit much if at all. ...

  • CABBAGES posted a message in the forum topic Giant Bomb GOTY 2019 Discussion Thread. on the General Discussion board

    I find this format very boring again:(Used to love goty podcasts and videos. I really worry about giantbomb, I was a premium member right from the start until just a month or so ago when my auto renew...

  • CABBAGES posted a message on the post Episode 229.

    The way they talked about couch Co op games being played remotely on steam sounds like they have never heard about share play on Ps4. Share play works great so I'm sure steam will be good too.

  • CABBAGES posted a message on the post 09/13/2019.

    I think Jeff just needs to get himself a raspberry pi or an odroid and forget this mister pants.

  • CABBAGES posted a message on the post We Talk Over the Google "All Will Be Revealed" Keynote!.

    This is just onlive. Why are they making out like this is something more? Something new? It's shite.